Authoritative Voices on Wealth, Women and Wisdom of the Diaspor​a.

Gayle George is an international economist by training with diverse professional experience in development as humanitarian assistance, fundraising, and enterprise information technology. Ms. George’s childhood passion for writing fueled an extensive exploration of world cultures, spiritual traditions, and global political economy in search of language to inspire the resilience of the human spirit.  She discovered a unique vernacular through which to frame and reframe projects with the technical precision and responsiveness demanded by a discerning marketplace.

Ms. George’s interest in production as an extension of the written word was sparked by an internship at BET and expanded through an intensive course of study in videography and digital editing with David Kasper and Barbara Trent, producers of the Academy Award winning documentary “The Panama Deception.” Her time at the Empowerment Project led to on-air appearances and production work with public television and public radio in North Carolina, community television and independent film productions in Connecticut and New York, and special programming broadcasts on PACIFICA radio in New York and Washington, DC.

The endorsement of Cheryl Woodruff of Ballantine and Smiley Books eventually led Ms. George to the workshops, classes and mentorship offered by the Zora Neale Hurston/Richard Wright Foundation and an international community of literary writers assembled by its founder, Marita Golden.  Ms. George was later recognized by the Pan African Literary Forum of the New School for Social Change for a piece of creative non-fiction called, “The Aunties Circle.”  She studied the art of book publishing and promotion with Mark Victor Hansen, co-founder of the “Chicken Soup for the Soul” franchise (along with Jack Canfield), and contributed to the publication entitled Waiting for Jack: Confessions of a Self-Help Junkie by Kristen Muller.

After studying West African dance with Baba Chuck Davis and working with the American Dance Festival in North Carolina, Ms. George was initiated into the performance tradition of Katherine Dunham as part of an experimental dance company known as Images of Cultural Artistry.  The creative direction of Dr. Sherrill Berryman Johnson informed Ms. George’s proficiency with taking the elements of movement off the stage and applying them to life.  In this aesthetic, she went on to develop a short play from a choreopoem she wrote.  It debuted at DC’s First Black Theater Festival in the experimental genre as “The Wedding Dance.”

Undergraduate training in economics coupled with graduate level studies in international diplomacy groomed Ms. George to successfully manage technical communications and stakeholder relations for local, federal, private and congressional audiences. She has cultivated a proven skill set in program management, strategic communications, business development along with the profound writing prowess that lies at its core.  On behalf of Gayleforce Publishing, Ms. George is uniquely qualified to identify authoritative voices on wealth, women and wisdom of the Diaspora and bring them to the forefront with the grace and dignity they so richly deserve.  We look forward to working with you.

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