Authoritative Voices on Wealth, Women and Wisdom of the Diaspor‚Äča.

Our Vision


It will not be tamed, diverted or contained on its mission create the change necessary to usher in a new reality. 

Our Strengths

Gayle George

Principal, Publisher, Creative Director

Gayleforce Publishing is a boutique media company organized to bring the essence of these qualities to literary form.  Through authoritative voices on wealth, women and wisdom of the diaspora, we articulate perspectives that lay outside of the mainstream, celebrate the extraordinary in everyday human existence and inspire creative expression designed to refresh, restore, revitalize...


A ga(y)le is an elemental force of nature which accelerates the subtle expression of air in strong gusts of wind.  


It can be harnessed with the tools of write perspective to generate a new source of power that is clean, infinite, authentic...              

Our Founder


It has the power to subvert obstacles and carry its intention forward on billows of sustained momentum that betray its elusive nature.